" many Security Companies claim to have a

"Training Academy"' when it is actually

a short video to watch". 

Training can be accomplished by the internet and video conferencing and in no way are we condemning it. Many Colleges offer internet classes and a great deal of knowledge is exchanged through that media. Its great for single parents or someone working while attending school. But, so many Security Companies claim to have a Training Academy when it is actually a short video to watch, or they sign-in on the company website, watch a video and answer a few questions at the end.

However, when training people that will work directly with the public; that training needs to be done in person. Because so much is lost through the internet on a personal level. It is like flying a plane in a video game. Its NOT the same .

We train all of our personnel in person AND we also use our training classes to further screen employees which allows our managers to better match our personnel with our clients.

Our newly hired employees are required by the State of North Carolina to successfully complete 16 hours of Unarmed Guard Training in the classroom.

We don't stop there! 

  • Black Hawk International Security extends that training an additional four hours which includes "Client Specific Training" prior to On-Site-Training.

 Any Armed Guard in North Carolina must complete 32 hours of training which includes time on the range and a minimum qualifying score of 80%.

We don't stop there!

Our Armed Personnel receive an additional eight hours of training above the State requirements. That includes; Active Shooter, Tactics, and Weapon Retention. AND they are certified on both State and Federal courses. Why the Federal Course? More in-depth training.





Black Hawk International Security continues training with our

In-Service-Training Program which trains our personnel through out their employment. 

Our Armed Personnel are qualified on both the State and Federal courses. Additional training includes Active Shooter, Advanced Tactics, Terminal Ballistics, and Weapon Retention. Many of those aspects come directly from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).



We are mobile and instruct at your office or at a near by conference room for your convenience. 

  • Red Cross CPR & AED
  • First Aid
  • Active Shooter Survival for Office Staff
  • North Carolina Concealed Carry
  • Pepper Spray
  • Expandable Baton
  • Home Defense
  • NRA First Steps
  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • Advanced Pistol Tactics
  • AR-15 Basics
  • AR-15 Advanced Tactical
  • Shotgun Basics
  • Shotgun Advanced Tactical

Restricted Classes for Security and Law Enforcement Personnel

  • PPSB Pistol Certification
  • PPSB Shotgun Certification
  • PPSB Rifle Certification
  • PPSB Firearms Re-Certication
  • Active Shooter Response for Security Personnel
  • Active Shooter Response for Law Enforcement
  • Behavioral Recognition
  • Code Adam Response
  • Advanced Tactical Pistol
  • Crime Scene Preservation
  • X-Ray & Magnetometer
  • POE Screening & Control
  • Legal Issues - Security
  • Report Writing
  • Patrol Mobile & Stationary
  • Emergency Response
  • Controlled Substance
  • Communications
  • Traffic Direction & Control
  • Deportment

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